A personal space to record and develop your startup ideas

Leanlab helps individuals and teams organise and develop startup ideas.
Share notes, list assumptions, record interactions and discuss everything.

A place to store ideas

Never forget another startup idea - access it anytime, anywhere. Leanlab is a clean clutter free space to store, develop and discuss your ideas.

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Define your ideas with notes

Expand and develop ideas by adding notes. Notes will help you refine and express your ideas clearly.

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Systematically test ideas

Define a sequence of tests to highlight critical assumptions. Tests will help you focus on the key elements of your idea that need to be true if it is to become a viable business.

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Keep track of feedback

Store feedback from multiple sources in one place, share conversations with your team, and learn from your customer interactions to forge a better business.

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All your ideas in one place

A clean clutter free canvas to store and develop all your business ideas.

Start developing ideas with leanlab

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Kind words from some of our followers and members.

@leanlab_io Signed up, didn’t see the usage, left. Then I talked to a friend & wondered where I could store her feedback. Customer earned!

October 18, 2014

€urobubbler (@eurobubbler)

@leanlab_io Hey thanks for connecting - product looks great - and yeah - I just signed up ;)

November 17, 2014

Mukesh Kumar (@Craft_Digital)

@leanlab_io is a great idea. During Gold Rush merchants that served rushers made more money than rushers. Same might happen in this "rush."

November 17, 2014

Jonathan (@hi5at5)

What a solid platform @leanlab_io! just signed up and dove right into putting ideas through the ringer

October 29, 2014

Charlotte Fernandez (@3charlotte)

Plans & Pricing

LeanLab's current features are free to use – forever. Premium plans with more features coming soon !

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