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When Selecting A Developer For Your Startup, Use This One Rule.

author avatar Gregory Wagner wrote this on May 08, 2017 | Comments

For many of us who use to record and develop startup ideas, and for any software startup, selecting a full-stack developer or a development agency to bring your idea to life is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business.

If you, and or your partners are not designers, developers, or software engineers yourselves and you need to hire a full-stack / strategic software development company to get your idea off the ground, do this:

• Do your research

• Do more research

• Choose wisely

Where To Start?

There is a massive variety of web and mobile app developers around the world. New development agencies pop up everyday. Still, many others close down and some disappear and... Read more

Online Tools for Startup Founders

author avatar Klemen Sever wrote this on Mar 02, 2016 | Comments

We're alive and well and to get back on track with our blog, here are a some links of online tools we've found to be most useful when launching a startup.

  • Basecamp: For organising and communicating with your team on projects.

  • Leanlab: For defining and developing new ideas with your team.

  • Slack: For real-time chat/sharing information with your team.

  • Mixpanel: For tracking the actions your users take on the site.

  • Google Analytics: For general page view tracking.

  • Segment: For simplifying analytics tracking code.

  • Github: for maintaining and developing code.

  • Heroku: For hosting applications.

  • Stripe: for accepting payments and setting up subscriptions.

  • Buffer: For scheduling tweets.

  • Optimizely: For very simple A/B... Read more

How to Find and Talk to Your First Customers

author avatar Gareth Fuller wrote this on Dec 10, 2014 | Comments

On the introversion/extroversion spectrum I'd say I lean towards introversion. I'm generally quiet and tend to avoid conversations with people I don't know. However, I also love building software products online which is naturally a social endeavor. So you see, I have a problem.

In my perfect world, I would build it and they would come... but we all know this isn't how it works. Certainly not for consumer tech, unless you hit the nail on the head first time which is very rare.

For the purpose of this post I'm assuming you already have an MVP/ early stage product to sell. If so you need a process for finding and effectively talking to your first customers. Here's how we've gone about finding our first customers;... Read more

How to Get Business Ideas

author avatar Gareth Fuller wrote this on Oct 27, 2014 | Comments

Not that long ago I gave up on an idea. I'd wasted a lot of time on this startup so I was determined not to make the same mistakes again. All I needed this time around was the right idea. But how do you ensure that you pick the right idea? Whilst I’m an advocate for ‘ideas are worthless, execution is everything’ you could also argue that the best execution in the world won’t make an obviously terrible idea a successful, growing, sustainable business. I needed a way to find viable startup ideas.

Since you're reading this post, I suspect you have been or are in a similar place; searching for that great idea or at least one worth pursuing. Over the past few years I’ve come across several great articles describing different approaches... Read more