Online Tools for Startup Founders

author avatar Klemen Sever wrote this on Mar 02, 2016 | Comments

We're alive and well and to get back on track with our blog, here are a some links of online tools we've found to be most useful when launching a startup.

  • Basecamp: For organising and communicating with your team on projects.

  • Leanlab: For defining and developing new ideas with your team.

  • Slack: For real-time chat/sharing information with your team.

  • Mixpanel: For tracking the actions your users take on the site.

  • Google Analytics: For general page view tracking.

  • Segment: For simplifying analytics tracking code.

  • Github: for maintaining and developing code.

  • Heroku: For hosting applications.

  • Stripe: for accepting payments and setting up subscriptions.

  • Buffer: For scheduling tweets.

  • Optimizely: For very simple A/B testing.

Stay tuned for more features and evolutions of in the upcoming weeks !

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